Miami’s First All-Model Shoe Shine Team

None Let’s discuss your usual shoe shine guy.

For starters—he’s a guy. There’s room for improvement there. Also, we’re thinking you should consider adding cocktails to the routine.

Which brings us to a revolutionary development in the history of footwear upkeep: Buffettes, an all-female squad of shoe shiners, appearing now at local happy hours and available for private events.

Think of these stiletto-clad groomers as reviving the lost art of dress shoe maintenance, one polish at a time. Meet your shiners, Marla and Chelsea, two models well versed in the fine art of restoring dry, battered brogues to a rich, chocolaty sheen. The approach here is strictly old-school—a couple of brushes, some wax and lint-free cloths.

And they’ll come to you—making office calls and setting up shop at parties and events (just the thing to take your Boardwalk Empire–themed board meeting to the next level). But for now, you can find them shining during happy hours at places like Rare Las Olas and Bourbon Steak.

Might want to bring a few pairs.

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