Jam ’n Honey

Jam ’N

A New Breakfast Joint near DePaul

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You’ve had an exhausting summer. Yet somehow, amid judging various rib cook-offs and champagne-sabering competitions, you looked fairly content. So we didn’t want to bring this up until now.

It seems you’ve been deprived of your rightful share of the world’s Nutella supply.

Don’t worry: Jam ’n Honey, a new DePaul neighborhood corner spot with a very laissez-faire attitude when it comes to things you spread on your toast, is now open.

It’s run by a well-regarded family of South Side pasta-slingers (Franconello’s, et al), who don’t know what they’re feeding you up on the North Side, but think you look too thin.

So everything seems pretty straightforward when you enter—there are soft, homey colors and a back room for those quiet breakfast/lunch meetings or, when dinner launches in a few weeks, a nice dish of pasta.

But for now, the one thing you must order: toast. Each table is set with stout pots of orange marmalade, strawberry jam and, graciously, one big container of Nutella. Spread it on that toast. Put it on your banana nut french toast. Stir it in your coffee. There is no wrong answer.

You’ll come here for other reasons, sure: half-pound jalapeño burgers on fresh brioche; risotto cake eggs Benedict; the B.L.A.S.T., a shrimp-avocado-enhanced BLT. Each is perfectly delicious sans Nutella.


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