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From Under the Wilson “L”: Tacos

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We usually don’t make assumptions about people based on their appearance. But, frankly, you look like someone who could really use a burrito right about now.

And, on occasion, the random midnight taco.

So we bring you word of Rokito’s Mexican Street Side Kitchen, a homey ranch house full of tacos that has quietly taken root under Uptown’s Wilson “L,” now able to satisfy all your Mexican-American street food cravings.

Of course, a new taco shack isn’t usually very earth-shattering. And sure, at heart, that’s exactly what this is. Almost. But it will be worthy of your attention under the special circumstances enumerated below: 
  1. It’s 12:23am and you’re down to your last $1.50. (Let’s just say you “made it rain” at the Green Mill poetry slam. Again.) Now you need a taco. On weekends, Rokito’s knocks a buck off tacos after midnight until close. 
  1. You pine for your summer internship as a masked wrestler in Juárez. Rokito’s Day of the Dead motif, Lotería card artwork and luchador masks will remind you of that dorm you shared with one Rey Mysterio (good wrestler; a surprising neat freak). 
  1. Someone’s backstage rider calls for fried ice cream, sriracha salsa and rib tips. (Sounds like you’re stuck babysitting Dick Cheney on his lecture tour.) 
  1. It’s 8am, and you need a bacon-wrapped hot dog and Mexican coffee. No explanation necessary.


Rokito’s Mexican Street Side Kitchen
1111 W Wilson Ave
(west of Broadway)
Chicago, IL, 60640


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