Prince of Persia

A Tricked-Out Spaceship of Kebabs

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Let’s take you on a trip to an ancient land.

The air is perfumed with exotic spices.

The nights, shrouded with mystery. Danger lurks in darkened alleyways. And strange music rings through the streets... we’re pretty sure it’s Gaga’s latest single.

Ah, yes: you’re in Uptown, and you’re about to have some fun.

Introducing Caravan, a bejeweled emporium of Persian food, strong cocktails and late-night escapades, slated to open Thursday.

To get a sense of what this place looks like, imagine I Dream of Jeannie’s bottle with a touch of Barbarella’s spaceship. Gauzy fabrics cascading from the ceilings. Textured walls. Gold fabric chairs. Chandeliers dripping crystal. So, you know, subtle.

The first thing that greets you is the bar, bedecked in metallic beads and mirrored surfaces—two items you require to really enjoy a good martini and creamy hummus (conveniently, the naan oven is right behind the bar).

If you’re on a date, request a semi-secluded banquette in the front—a perfectly cozy place for you to get to know each other over lamb or shrimp kebabs. But something about this place cries out for a boisterous dinner party in the back—perhaps that DJ mixing Top 40 with modern Middle Eastern tunes. Eventually, there will be live entertainment—there are even whispers of belly dancers.

It would be your only wish.


4810 N Broadway
(north of Lawrence)
Chicago, IL, 60640


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