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Your Desk: Now a Drum Set

None You’ve never let a little thing like formal training stand between you and greatness.

Which is why you make a breathtaking zucchini soufflé. And it’s why you’re about to join the pantheon of all-time great drummers.

Yep, right next to Animal...

Introducing TableDrum, an iPhone app that can turn anything into a drum set, available now.

So imagine yourself rocking the classically self-indulgent 27-minute solo. Toms, snares, crash cymbal... all of that. Now imagine you’re doing it using pencils, your coffee table and a takeout container.

The setup: you’ll find the nearest tapping tool at your disposal (your finger comes to mind). Then, tap something. Anything. The app will record that specific tapping and assign it to a piece of your virtual drum set. You’ll repeat this, tapping different things in different ways, until you’ve got a full set. After that, your tapping will play the real drum sound assigned to that specific tap. Then, you’re a spinning drum cage away from superstardom.

So you’ll arrive in your office, decked out in your most tasteful tiger-print leather pants and neon cutoff shirt. If you want to throw on an epic bleached mullet wig, we won’t complain. Then, you’ll grab some chopsticks, arrange your desk/paperweight/intern’s back, fire up the app and launch into “Dr. Feelgood.”

That office smoke machine’s practically paying for itself.

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