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Wicker Park’s New All-Day Hangout

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Sure, you’re busy. But you make time for what’s really important: family. Friends. The planet. Cold martinis. Thick pork chops. Sushi. Chocolate ganache pancakes...

Just not necessarily in that order.

So introducing Prasino, a swanky new Wicker Park sanctuary of big tables, snug booths, romantic dinners—and the occasional romantic breakfast and lunch—opening by Monday.

If the name sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because they’ve opened two in the south suburbs. This location thoughtfully helps you reduce your carbon footprint by bringing the proceedings to you.

The day starts early here. During the week, you’ll come by for breakfast meetings over caviar-topped Maine lobster omelets and on the weekends for the Chef’s Hangover Cure (hint: it involves lots of pork).

But we see this as the perfect spot to take that organic sunflower grower you met at Green City Market last weekend. You’ll start with a glass of vino in the lounge (the wine is biodynamic) and relax in furniture made from recycled polyester (yes, your chair was a disco pantsuit in a previous life).

You’ll then move into the dining room, where panoramic windows give you a commanding view of Division Street. Regale your companion with stories of your days fighting the good fight on the Rainbow Warrior over surf and turf maki and braised beef short ribs in a truffle mushroom cabernet sauce served with cheddar cauliflower.

Excuse us, humanely raised cheddar cauliflower.

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