Chow Down

Your Guided Tour to Eating at Lolla

UD - Chow Town at Lollapalooza Lolla. You’ll be pretty busy doing what you came there to do: eat. So we asked Chow Town at Lollapalooza’s chief curator, Graham Elliot, and Roots drummer Questlove to serve up their eating strategies. We’ve also humbly submitted our plan. Consider it a bonus track.

Plan of Attack: Never Miss a Meal
Breakfast: Brunch Dog at Franks ‘n’ Dawgs—pork loin breakfast sausage, smoked bacon, fried egg, maple mayo.
Lunch: Neurosis at Kuma’s Corner—cheddar, Swiss, sautéed mushrooms, onions, horseradish mayo.
Dinner: Kalua Pork at Sola, with banana bread and barbecue sauce.
Possible Upside: You’ll be fully nourished for Grouplove at noon on Saturday.
Possible Downside: Possible food coma by Foo Fighters at 8pm Sunday.

Plan of Attack: Eat Like a Local
Chicago Pizza: Sausage Pizza from Lou Malnati’s.
Obligatory Celeb Chef Stop: Lobster Corn Dog with Truffle Popcorn from Grahamwich.
Chicago ’Cue Scene: Barbecue potato chips from the Smoke Daddy.
Possible Upside: Getting on Graham Elliot’s good side; lobster.
Possible Downside: Hurting the feelings of Connie’s Pizza.

Plan of Attack: Drink, Eat... Lick
Booze to Drink: 24-ounce sport bottle of pinot noir from the Wine Lounge. (Yes, there’s a wine lounge.)
Booze to Eat: Beer-Fed Cuban Sandwich at Goose Island.
Hangover Relief: 
Wheatgrass Shots from Tiny Greens (in Green Street).
Heat Relief:
 Watermelon-Jalapeño Popsicle from Elate/
Possible Upside: Rinsing out the taste of wheatgrass with a squirt of wine.
Possible Downside: Burning your mouth on a popsicle.

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