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Whiskey, Barbecue and a Coquettish Debut

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We’ve been doing some amateur meteorology.

Some makeshift Doppler-ing. A little light storm chasing. Number crunching with an old supercomputer we had lying around.

(Basically, anything to make Fridays go faster.)

Our weekend forecast: barbecue weather and a severe chance of whiskey.

Introducing: Barn & Company, a modern ’cue shack from the guys behind Hubbard Inn and English, offering a two-day preview in Lincoln Park.

So tomorrow, after making your way through that sticky fantasia called Taste of Lincoln Avenue, you’ll come across the former Grand Central. Only it’s gone. In its place: something much, much smokier.

There’s a big front patio—nice, but not operational yet—so go inside to find a space that looks like a sexy honky-tonk set inside a sexier Kansas barn: concrete tables, tufted leather booths and artwork of pigs dressed as aristocrats. (Okay, sexy means something different when barbecue is involved.)

Keeping you occupied at the bar: jelly jars full of beer and bourbon, as well as personal touch-screen TVs. But follow the aroma of hickory-smoked pulled pork/baby backs/et al to the far end of the space. That’s where you’ll find a local barbecue cookbook author/smokemaster is ensuring your South Carolina sauce is tangy enough and your bourbon-barbecue sauce is bourbon-y enough.

But this is just a tease. After this weekend, Barn closes until August 11, then reopens with its full menu.

Use the time wisely: stock up on wet-naps.


Barn & Company
950 W Wrightwood Ave
(at Sheffield)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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