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Your Place: Now a Mister Softee

UD - Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor Arthur C. Clarke.

Besides giving us the murderous HAL 9000 supercomputer, he also gave us three laws regarding science and technology. The third being: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

It was an observant, mercurial and thought-provoking statement.

Especially as it applies to a machine that makes soft-serve in your kitchen.

Presenting the Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor, quite possibly the most advanced DIY soft-serve maker you’ll ever read about, available online now.

Think of this as the end result if a juicer, a food processor and a Slap Chop had some kind of super-baby with the singular aim of creating fruit-based soft-serve deliciousness.

To make the magic, you basically just have to feed this beast your chosen flavors—say, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, even chocolate. Stick it all into the chute and push the plunger down, and the spinning blades mix and mash everything into a smooth, soft-serve-y snack (feel free to add your favorite rum to all permeations you can come up with).

And since you were just saying, “That sounds great, but it would be better if it came with a means to make popsicles,” it even comes equipped with a set of four popsicle molds should you want to amp up the nostalgia of endless summers past.

Or you just want some boozy popsicles.


Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor

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