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Your Palm Beach Survival Guide

You love the Magic City. But sometimes you need a break from all the caliente-tude. Good thing you’ve still got half the summer to plan your escape. Herewith, the best new developments in Palm Beach, land of pastel pants, vintage golf courses and... hot dog paninis.

Happy Houring in Daniel Boulud’s Court

Happy Houring in Daniel Boulud’s Court

Why You’re There: See above re: Boulud, Daniel.
What You’re Having: Half-off Palm Beach Lemonades spiked with citrus vodka and $8 Piggie Burgers—beef sliders topped with pulled pork.
Keywords: French tourists, navy blazers, duck critter shorts.

Daily until Labor Day, 4-7:30pm, Café Boulud, 301 Australian Ave, 561-655-6060 

Hot Dog Paninis and Craft Beers

Hot Dog Paninis and Craft Beers

Why You’re There: You’ve missed Clay Conley’s culinary wizardry ever since he left Azul for greener pastures.
What You’re Having: Short Rib Empanadas and Hot Dog Paninis topped with sauerkraut and gruyère. And ketchup, if you ask nicely.
Keywords: Boca socialites, graying millionaires, foodies.

Michelle Bernstein’s Oceanfront Lair

Michelle Bernstein’s Oceanfront Lair

Why You’re There: Your favorite Latina chef opened an outpost in preppy-ville last year. Now she’s added brunch. And you need to make sure it’s good.
What You’re Having: Three courses—french toast with dulce de leche filling and Maine Lobster Omelets along with a Bloody Mary.
Keywords: Bronzed yogis, spandex.

At the Omphoy, 2842 S Ocean Blvd, 561-540-6444

Ping-Pong in Boca

Ping-Pong in Boca

Why You’re There: A new table tennis club in Boca. Enough said.
What You’re Having: Wooden paddles with a side of lamb burgers.
Keywords: Topspin, McEnroe shorts.

Golfing, Palm Beach–Style

Golfing, Palm Beach–Style

Why You’re There: Two options. At the Breakers, you can golf 18 holes for 60 bucks from now through September. Or head to PGA and drop $89 for unlimited golf, a hotel stay and access to the spa’s mineral dipping pools.
What You’re Having: All of the above.
Keywords: Arnold Palmer (the man), Arnold Palmer (the drink).

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