Double Fantasy

Backup Fantasy Leagues, Just in Case

Well, we might’ve dodged a bullet here. The NFL will probably go on. More importantly, so will your fantasy league. But if for some reason this doesn’t stick, we want you to be prepared. So behold: your backup fantasy leagues. Why, yes, this does involve lingerie...

Lingerie Football League

Lingerie Football League

The ladies play both sides of the ball, so you’ll be rewarded for selecting a QB who’s also comfortable in a 4-3 defense. And a silk teddy.
Top Pick: Ashley Salerno, LA Temptation. 2010 rookie of the year.
Sleeper: Tasha Pryor, Chicago Bliss. High per-carry average. Also: only other player we know.
Season: Late-August to late-January.

USA Table Tennis

USA Table Tennis

Like a Hollywood exec, you have one goal here: finding the next Forrest Gump. Your method: hours of intense study. Or just picking the names that sound good.
Top Pick: Thomas Keinath, the Slovakian sensation who just took home the US Open Championship in Milwaukee.
Sleeper: Can Kevin Wang of New York. Great name. Even better topspin.
Season: Year-round.

USA Archery

USA Archery

You’ll choose three recurve and three compound bow archers for your team. First step: learning what the hell that means.
Top Pick: Richard “Butch” Johnson, five-time Olympian. Never bet against a guy named “Butch.”
Sleeper: Keep your eye on a certain “Robin Hood” of Locksley.
Season: Year-round.

Rugby Super League

Rugby Super League

It’s exactly like fantasy football, except you’ll get points for tries instead of touchdowns. And your top guys will play right through their concussions.
Top Pick: Jason Pye, Utah Warriors, 2011 scoring champ.
Sleeper: Mark Biller, San Francisco Golden Gate. With Samuela Manoa headed to Europe next season, look for Biller to shoulder the scoring load for... Sorry, got carried away.
Season: Mid-March to late-May.

Federation of Petanque USA

Federation of Petanque USA

You’ll pick your pointers and your shooters (like offense and defense), and then... Actually, no. This is a professional pétanque league. Maybe you should just try out.
Top Pick: Stéphane St. Croix and Jean-Michel Laulhé, the duo who brought home last year’s America Open championship.
Sleeper: You?
Season: Year-round...  as long as it’s warm.

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