Face Value

A Bold New Leap in Dating Technology

UD - Find Your FaceMate This just in: the world’s leading scientists have turned their attention to a subject that for years has been a source of wonder and astonishment to civilization.

Your face.

The result of their studies: a potentially life-changing breakthrough in the field of hook-uppery.

Observe possibly the most significant scientific discovery since the mapping of the human genome (okay, it’s a dating site): Find Your FaceMate, which matches you with potential mates based solely on the shape of your face, online now.

First, a little background. Some people (those scientists again) believe you’re only attracted to people with facial features that resemble your own. So naturally, someone got hold of some facial recognition software and created a place for you to meet the ideal companion for a long weekend spent rolling around on a Balinese beach. Or just discover a long-lost cousin.

The method: you’ll upload a picture of yourself, enter some basic (read: really basic) stats and let the site do its thing. (We’ll assume it involves firing up at least one of those room-sized IBMs from the ’60s.) Soon enough, you’ll be shown pictures of your sultry counterparts. After you check their profiles to confirm your shared interest in secluded oceanside huts, you’ll make a date.

But again: watch out for the cousin thing.

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