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How-To Videos. With Models.

UD - EyeHandy You’ve been meaning to learn how to string a guitar. Or maybe you haven’t.

Either way, good news: we found a not-at-all-unattractive woman to teach you how.

Feast your mind (and eyes) on EyeHandy, a site where highly educated models show you how to accomplish everyday tasks, making the Internet an even more magical place to learn, starting now.

This, in short, is a multimedia edutainment experience that combines the power of a stirring Harvard lecture with the grace and subtlety of a Silverstone-era Aerosmith video.

It’s a regularly updated library of instructional videos hosted by women with names like Mandi, who look and dress just like women named Mandi. Your trainers will demonstrate such need-to-know procedures as how to de-wax a surfboard or how to replace a faucet, and as they do, you’ll also be treated to the most seductive instructional narration since Bob Vila’s prime. Oh, and in case you somehow get distracted, there’s a list of materials and written steps under the video.

So the next time you need urgent instruction on how to unshrink your clothes, you’ll come here. Once you arrive, a comely lass named Julia will show you how to, first of all, expertly shimmy out of a pair of cotton shorts, and then restore your tee to its original size.

You may want to watch twice to make sure you get it.

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