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A Photo Booth for Your Pocket

UD - PopBooth Let’s talk about shrinkage.

When pool-related: the scourge of existence. When gadget-related: pretty cool.

So now that your entire bookshelf and movie collection fit in the palm of your hand, the tech gods have set their sights on shrinking something equally important: the photo booth.

Introducing PopBooth, a new iPhone app that lets you take filmstrip-style photos and have them printed and sent to your door, available now.

Consider this an alternative to speed-clicking through albums on Facebook for when you need something real. Something... mail-order.

You’ll fire up the app, plan your moves, touch the pink camera icon and pose for your four shots. (Bug eyes into fish face—classic.) Once you’re done, you’ll apply the vintage filter (because you can never have enough 1850s-themed self-portraiture) or any other filter and touch the icon to have it printed and delivered within a week.

And because you’re not quite ready to hang up your social networking shoes, you can still share your strips on Facebook or through email. What you can’t do (yet) is delete strips you’ve taken.

So maybe practice your Blue Steel a couple of times first.

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