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You recently had a date. You saw Midnight in Paris. You both liked it.

And now, it’s time for you to live it. (Well, minus the time-traveling coach.)

Introducing Bistro Voltaire, a new-but-classic bistro stitching together three major French cultural institutions: the culinary arts, philosophical inquiry and sexy little out-of-the-way joints, opening Friday.

So back to Woody Allen. Say he needed to reshoot some interior scenes for his next Parisian escapade but for some unlikely reason was stuck in Chicago (i.e., Knicks-Bulls conference finals; Elaine’s reopens in River North). This has the requisite red banquettes and walnut moldings you’d find on the Left Bank.

The walls are covered in framed images of Gallic intellectual giants: there’s a mural of the eponymous philosopher, while Simone de Beauvoir adorns the ladies’ room and Jean-Paul Sartre the gents’. (They always made such a cute couple.)

For your purposes, however, you’ll head to this just-enough-out-of-the-way place for a clandestine date over steaming bowls of mussels, Flan of Foie Gras, Duck Breast Filet and mashed potatoes, which are, of course, truffled. The bar is big and entirely suitable for splitting a quick bottle of bordeaux and a post-movie crème brûlée.

You wouldn’t celebrate the day after Bastille Day any other way.


Bistro Voltaire
226 W Chicago Ave
(at N Franklin St)
Chicago, IL, 60610


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