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Curry and Cocktails in River North

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Your summer whims. Let’s just say you’ve indulged them: beer and dogs on rooftops. Cocktails and Wagyu in subterranean bars. Apple pie and ice cream everywhere in between.

So starting today, a resolution. More lentils. More chickpeas. And, yes, damn it, more tofu. Or in a pinch: more grilled lamb chops. More chicken wings. And more gin. (Hey, it’s still summer; let’s not be uncivilized.)

Introducing Bombay Spice Grill & Wine, a cunning combination of thousands of years of Indian culinary tradition with good, stiff summer drinks, now open in River North.

Naturally, there are the fiery vindaloos, masalas and curries you want. But at lunch, a quick lamb naan-wich paired with a cold Indian beer is the way to go. At dinner, you’ll contemplate the Mai Chai (rum, mint and chai syrup), Mumbai Daisy (essentially, a tamarind margarita) and Buddha’s Enlightenment (vodka and muddled watermelon).

It’s a smaller sibling to this place. But Bombay falls into the more elusive role of perfect second date spot: snug and smoldering with the dusty burnt oranges, browns and yellows of subcontinental spice markets. You could sit at the big communal table, but if this is a date, you’ll be happier sitting along the back wall, framed by a photo mural of a Mumbai palace.

Because, frankly, that’s just a great look for you.

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