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Introducing Glow-in-the-Dark Soccer

UD - Glow Soccer at Revo Soccer Yes, we know. The rain.

For days, it’s been vacillating between soul-crushing drizzle and Caribbean monsoon.

And it looks like the weekend is going to bless us with more of the same.

You need a solid indoor activity plan, stat.

And if it happens to include glow sticks and astroturf...

Introducing Glow Soccer at Revo Soccer, the city’s first venue for phosphorescent sports, available now on the Upper East Side.

Now, you’ve probably played night soccer. And you may have played the game indoors. But never have two worlds met with such neon-soaked glory. (And never have you had more of a reason to wear a white headband.)

It’s fairly simple to arrange. You’ll reserve your glow time in advance (it’s around $120 an hour). Make your way to the loft-like space a few blocks west of Biscayne. They’ll provide the soccer balls, goalie nets and a scoreboard. You’ll provide up to nine fellow fútbol enthusiasts, plus the basics: glow sticks, necklaces, blacklight-compatible kneesocks. (Which we’ll assume you have lying around.)

Then, under the futuristic glow of UV lights and to the beats of raging techno (or whatever music you request), you and your crew will get your David Beckham on in the equivalent of a Daft Punk video.

So pretty much just like last weekend.


Glow Soccer at Revo Soccer
7610 NE 4th Ct
Miami, FL, 33138

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