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Letting an Oscar Winner Choose Your Art

UD - Paddle8 Before you go, let’s just double-check your list of July 4 must-haves.

Fireworks: check.

Barbecue rub: check.

Someone to model those star-spangled bikinis: check and check.

Oil painting of Uncle Sam: uh-oh.

Bad news: we haven’t found it (yet). Good news: this should do...

Welcome to Paddle8, a revolutionary new virtual gallery curated by world-famous artists and the occasional movie star, accepting online bids now.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having an Oscar-winning actor choose your next masterpiece... well, that’s an awfully specific dream. It’s also just come true.

Here’s the deal: Paddle8 brings in art-world giants, fashion icons and Hollywood celebrities to curate every exhibition, each of which has a deeply meaningful theme. (Okay, kind of meaningful—one is “Stuff.”) Then, these luminaries call in a few favors to fill up the exhibit.

Now, before you call your pedestal guy, you need to become a member by getting in good with artists, gallery owners or the curator. Or, you know, you can just fill out an application. (We can help.) Once you’re in, we have it on good authority you’ll soon be taking collecting advice from an Oscar winner.

And Cuba wouldn’t steer you wrong.

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