This Cougar’s Life

If Mrs. Robinson Kept a Photo Diary...

UD - Liz Earls, Days of the Cougar The cougar.

Enchanting. Mysterious. A voracious consumer of appletinis.

For purely academic reasons, you’ve been an admirer (some might say a fan) since before you knew the term.

So we thought you should know we have news of a breakthrough in the field—straight from the heart of darkness...

Presenting Liz Earls, Days of the Cougar, a photographic account of the life and times of a striking woman of a certain age, available for research purposes Friday.

If Mrs. Robinson bought a camera and hit the road, the result might look a bit like this. You’ve heard the tale a thousand times: woman wakes up at 40. Woman’s in a dead-end job. Woman remakes herself into a part-time traveling erotic photographer and full-time sex goddess. (Okay, so maybe this is the first time.)

So as you hesitantly turn the pages (for science), you’ll encounter documentary proof—texts, emails and, naturally, photos—of Liz Earls’s sensual journey. (Yes, that’s her in the photo.) There’s the room service waiter whose 21st-birthday wish she fulfills. (Let’s just say mini ketchup bottles are involved.) The neighbors gazing through her window at her... art collection. And, of course, the elevator encounter.

A move you perfected.

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