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Your Next Boozy Candy Bar

UD - Chocolat Moderne Bistro Bar You’ve taken your scotch neat, on the rocks, in a Rob Roy, with the tiniest splash of soda and from a flask while swinging in a hammock on a beach in Aruba.

And just when you think scotch has run out of moves...

Presenting the Chocolat Moderne Bistro Bar, the town’s latest development in single malt scotch delivery technology: the chocolate candy bar.

So, as you can probably surmise, the idea—officially known as The Player—is ingeniously simple. It starts with Valrhona dark chocolate divided into nine square truffles. Fill each square with rich, soft ganache. Inject ganache with a healthy dose of barrel-aged malt scotch. Break a piece off and fun-size candy has a whole new meaning.

Naturally, you’ll immediately see the obvious, staggering implications for what this means. First is the vast improvement in the coolness of your next Ravinia/Millennium Park picnic basket (no offense to brie).

Second, you’ll now be able to have a stealthy cocktail at places that frown on open containers and/or fine-lead-crystal rocks glasses: beaches. Parks. Movie theaters. Because as you watch Transformers tear the tops off your favorite Chicago skyscrapers this summer, you’re going to need something stronger than Sno-Caps.

And whiskey popcorn gets too soggy.


Chocolat Moderne Bistro Bar
available at Pastoral

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