Thank Dog Bootcamp

Lats and Dogs

Man's Best Workout Partner

You do everything together—eat, lounge, meet cooing women…

Now you and Max can feel the burn together, too. Classes begin today at Thank Dog Bootcamp, a hardcore exercise program for you and—yes, believe it—your four-legged best friend.

The regime is no walk in the park (though classes do take place there). The three female founders are descendants of Barry's Boot Camp—the not-for-the-soft workout school famous for tightening myriad actresses/models, and for gifting a T-shirt to any new recruit pushed hard enough to lose his lunch. (They gave away quite a few shirts.)

After an initial consultation, you'll join a class with a maximum of 15 human-canine pairs for 60 minutes of nonstop, drill sergeant-led conditioning that's a mix of weight training, cardio and obedience. (That last one is more for the mutts—though it wouldn't be the first time you've been told to behave.)

If you're pooch-less at the moment but you'd like to spend a little time with that stunning brunette with the chocolate Lab, no problem: Thank Dog has hounds you can borrow.

We think this tactic might be a bit extreme.

But then again, a lot of women seem to like a guy with dogged persistence.


Thank Dog Bootcamp
471 S. Roxbury Dr
(at Olympic)
West Los Angeles
Beverly Hills, CA, 90212

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