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A New Pasta Cove Near Wrigley

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The scene: You. The Colosseum. A Vespa built for two.

Just when you think it can’t get more fantastico, someone comes along and replaces the Colosseum with Wrigley Field. Suddenly, more fantastico.

Hence we direct your attention to Taverna 750, a cozy spot opening tomorrow in the unlikeliest of places for a Roman holiday: Lakeview.

Tuck this spot away in your top-secret file of perfect little out-of-the-way joints. When you need an impromptu date spot to get to know that spicy firebrand with a lust for life and a taste for antipasti, hey, you just happen to know a place.

The Fellini-esque proceedings begin with a slow pan down a shady side street off Halsted. You’ll first consider that darkened booth way in the back, secluded under the La Dolce Vita–era photos on the walls. But in this weather, the front patio demands your presence.

Soon, you’ll be twirling fresh fettuccine and splitting a crispy Tutto Buono—pizza with salami, brie and wine-poached figs—over a carafe of wine. Go the gelato route for dessert, though cannoli, spumoni and Italian wedding cake are available in cocktail form. Plus, there are housemade ’cello spritzers: lemon, orange or grapefruit.

There’s always room for ’cello.

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