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Keeping Your Cell Phone Pictures off CNN

UD - Vaulty Pro You’ve made some mistakes.

And if, like a certain US congressman, those mistakes came in the form of, let’s say, “emotionally charged” cell phone pictures, well... we have good news.

There’s still time to keep them off CNN.

Introducing Vaulty Pro, an Android app that locks down any incriminating pictures on your phone (and protects your presidential ambitions), available now.

This is essentially a digital lockbox, designed to keep prying eyes (like, say, those of the press corps) from uncovering anything newsworthy on your cell phone.

Once you’ve got the app, you’ll select any salacious photos that have made their way onto your phone (you know, “hackers”) and lock them down. Your artful nudes will be pulled off your phone’s default picture gallery, so anyone who scans through out of legitimate journalistic interest will just see the PG version—and without a password, they’re not getting into the good stuff.

For an extra level of inconspicuousness, Vaulty Pro will show up in your app collection as a mild-mannered stock-tracking app. So when you’re casually scanning through your app collection, all that prying eyes will see is something called “Stocks.”

Of course, it’ll help if you don’t tweet them.

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