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A Punk Den of Eel Steaks and Clams

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You knocked back whiskey at a gritty punk rock den. You sailed through an elegant multicourse epicurean adventure. You got a killer tan.

All in all, a pretty successful weekend. Now let’s combine two out of the three. (Your tanning time is sacred.)

So introducing The Black Sheep, a soon-to-open West Town lair of eel steaks, razor clams and a healthy dose of that old-school punk spirit.

You could pass right by this place and miss it: the exterior looks like an ancient West Town butcher shop. But swing in before a night of reckless revelry and you’ll discover a moody temple of gothic arched doors, rustic wood tables and a bar that may or may not be crowded by a touring band of rockers (the chef is letting touring punk rock acts eat free here). In other words, your carousing starts here.

Then we suggest moving to the cove of the dining room, with Edison bulbs strung from the ceiling and walls covered with artwork incorporating iconic images of punk rock’s glory days. A culinary supergroup (talent from Lockwood, Graham Elliot, Blackbird, L20) runs things, so you’ll need a backstage pass. Take the table that faces directly into the kitchen and order the nine-course tasting menu, filled with extended riffs on everything from mussels to mutton.

Nirvana may be reached.

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