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Sake Bombs and Knife Play in Lakeview

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Tonight, Japanese food is on your radar.

But wait. Your radar is picking up something else. It’s a faint hint of danger. Oh, wait again. Our mistake. Not danger. It’s just a Singapore Sling. Definite signs of Singapore Slings on your radar. Set course...

Introducing Sakura Teppanyaki & Sushi, a new North Side den of Japanese cuisine and exotic cocktails, whose knives are sharpened for today’s debut.

You’re probably familiar with the main attraction here: a style of dining where you sit at a table built around a hot griddle. In the center, your fearless chef risks life and limb—or at least digits—slicing, dicing and making flames leap high into the air. All this, of course, is done in humble service of bringing you a little entertainment while you wait for your steak and lobster to be served. (You ask for so little.)

The space itself is simple, warm and dark, lit by the soft glow of colored lights. You and friends will rally here for sake bombs after a Cubs game, but when you’re on a date, start with something like a rum-filled Blue Island (so local, so exotic). If you want sushi rolls to go with the floorshow, there’s the Sweetheart Roll. If that fails to impress, there’s always the spicy tuna/shrimp tempura/cucumber number known as the BMW Roll.

You love that new sushi smell.

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