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UD - KeepMeOut You’re on the clock.

You’ve got just over three days before you embrace a world of nonstop sunlight, rum and swimsuits. And since you’ve got a fair amount of business to attend to in the interim, you do not—not—have time to waste on the Internet.

And yet...

Introducing KeepMeOut, a barrier between you and the Internet’s seemingly infinite number of time wasters, online now.

Imagine you’re racing to finish your individual thank-you notes to the Cannes jury. This site will let you ration out your breaks to make sure you get them done in time to get to the beach for the summer (or possibly the rest of your life).

First, pick your poison: the one site you turn to for distraction above all else. (Possibly begins with “Tw” and ends with “itter.”) Once you’ve decided how often you need to check in—let’s say every two hours—KeepMeOut will give you a substitute link to swap in for your usual bookmark. The first time, it’ll just forward you along, but if you use the link again before the two hours are up, it’ll defend your beach-related plans by diverting you to a dummy page that displays a countdown clock and a graph of exactly how often you’ve been checking in.

Or you could just go to the beach now.

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