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Perennial’s Fresh Start in Lincoln Park

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You want to start over. Shake things up. Do something crazy.

Buy that vineyard in Sonoma. Make your own wine. Hell, maybe grow your own food. Pickle things. That kind of stuff.

Well, we’re simply gonna tell you this straight: you’re just not the pickling sort. Never were. Sorry. Besides, your talents are needed elsewhere.

Starting here: Perennial Virant, a thorough reboot of Boka Restaurant Group’s juiciest slice of prime real estate, now open.

You already know a lot about the place: stunning Lincoln Park location, bustling patio, big dining room, vibrant lounge. Now, however, it’s like the terrace on a California wine estate—beamed trellises overhead, overstuffed chairs and communal tables where you’ll kick back with a big cab and survey the vineyards (note: vineyards may actually be Wells Street).

In other words, your old can’t-miss date spot is now... your new can’t-miss date spot. Swing by early to acclimate in the lounge, now 100% more loungey with snug leather club chairs—the ideal way to appreciate a tall, cool Zephyr, a bourbon-and-pineapple cocktail.

With Paul Virant (of Western Springs’ Vie) applying his good name to the place and farmers’ market savvy to the menu, you’ll obviously just go the prix fixe route, feasting on pork shoulder confit and crispy whitefish before ending with a cheese flight, served with rhubarb-and-beer jam.

Your dream of spreadable beer, finally realized.

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