Smoke Out

An Elite Squad of Female Cigar Rollers

UD - Cigar Dolls Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.

Except when that cigar happens to be rolled by an elite squad of charming experts...

Introducing Cigar Dolls, a roving team of alluring tobacconists rolling stogies for hire, available to book now.

They’re basically the A-Team of female cigar-rolling. (Nothing against the B-Team.) You’ll book them the same way you book a bartender or an ’80s cover band—but instead of vodka sodas and stirring Eddie Money renditions, they’re handing out freshly rolled Montecristos. Oh, and using butane torch lighters to fire them up.

So the next time you’re putting together a smoke-filled gathering of business leaders in a rogue poker lounge buried deep underneath the Bellagio (hypothetically), you can call in the daughter of a master cigar roller to keep you in smoke. She’ll set up shop behind the bar with bunches of Dominican shade tobacco and fresh wrapper leaves. Also, she may or may not be wearing a little black dress of some kind...

The nonsmoking section will be very small.

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