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OnePiece, by the Numbers

UD - OnePiece Consider this a warning. The Norwegians are coming—and this Friday they’re opening OnePiece, a new shop on Robertson selling... well, they’re kind of onesies for adults. Think one-piece tracksuits with a zipper up the front—a truly stunning feat of LA-casualness. To help you understand how such a place can possibly exist, we present the vital data...

Lanes separating OnePiece from the Ivy, directly across the street: 2
Number of paparazzi we dodged on Robertson during our lunchtime visit: 7
OnePieces they were wearing: 0 (give it time)
OnePiece stores in the US: 1, as of tomorrow
Median age of the two OnePiece founders: 27
Splitting hangovers they had when birthing the OnePiece concept: 2
Percentage of white used for decor: 100
OnePiece parties thrown by supermodel Agyness Deyn in London last month: 1
Styles of OnePieces available here, from basic lightweight white to full-on teddy bear: about 20
Built-in feet: 0


116 N Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90048

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