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It’s official.

Pool season is here.

Please stay calm and proceed to the nearest rooftop watering hole. Preferably one with a tanning butler...

Meet The Joule Poule, a new rooftop pool party happening every summer weekend starting this Saturday, taking reservations now.

You’ve been to this place for a private party or two, so you’re familiar with the champagne, the South of France–style bungalows, the pool overlooking Main Street. But as of today, you can reserve a private cabana for a weekend afternoon.

Here’s how it will go down: give the hotel a ring, request the pool concierge and reserve a bungalow for you and up to four water-loving companions. Come Saturday, you’ll stroll into the lobby, take the elevator to 10 and step out to find pulsating music, egg-shaped lounge chairs and a sweeping view of downtown.

You’ll settle in with a Spiked Limeade Martini. Then, as the stress and strain of working on your base tan begins to hit, you’ll summon steak and frozen grapes. And in case you forgot your sunblock, they have that aforementioned tanning butler, who will kindly offer you your requisite oils, lotions and frozen towels. (And yes, she’ll apply that SPF 15 to your back.)

If you require an evening destination, you can reserve a table at PM Lounge and take the private elevator to the basement entrance.

Be sure to dry off first.


The Joule Poule
1530 Main St
Dallas, TX, 75201


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