Bull Market

Pamplona. The Bulls. Champagne. And You...

So, the Running of the Bulls. It’s long been missing something: you.

Not as a runner, necessarily. And your bullfighting skills: a little rusty.

No, you belong on a terrace, tinto de verano in one hand, a platter of Basque tapas in the other. And we know of just such a place...

Introducing Pamplona Balconies, a set of penthouse balconies ready to host your Running of the Bulls watch party, taking reservations now for July 6 through 14.

If Hemingway were hosting a bachelor party, he’d do it here—an entire building on the aptly named Dead Man’s Corner.

You’ll arrive around 6:30am on your chosen day and walk up to your first-, second- or third-floor balcony. A gunshot announces the start of the run every morning at 8am, and the bulls take only around four minutes to reach the Plaza de Toros.

And that’s when the fun begins. You’ll head toward the privately catered after-party for Navarran finger foods, champagne and café con leche in a VIP penthouse suite overlooking Plaza Consistorial. (Just remember: it’s not yet 9am.)

And to help you keep up with the locals (it must be something in the cava), your guides have set up a private DJ lounge devoted to champagne and decompressing.

Watching others run is so exhausting.


Pamplona Balconies
Festival of San Fermín
Pamplona, Spain
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