Silent Disco

Silent Night

The City’s First Silent Disco Party

UD - Silent Disco Picture it. Tomorrow night. It’s 2am. You have a couple options...

1. Whipping up your signature caviar waffles for your after-hours poker club.
2. Dancing in silence with 500 strangers.

Let’s talk about option number two...

Enter Silent Disco, a pop-up concert with 500 wireless headphones, 10 DJs and one very quiet room, happening tomorrow night until 5am.

Warning: if you choose to venture into the underworld of the after-hours DJ scene, there’s a high chance of neon lasers, glow stick hula hoops and... headphone sweat (lots of headphone sweat).

Your quest to keep the party going will start at the Green Elephant. You know this haunt as a carpeted music hall with a gravel beer garden. But this weekend, it’ll be outfitted with a fog machine, strobe lights and two massive DJ booths.

Inside you’ll see it: people dancing in complete silence. Just go with it. Toss on some oversized headphones and press a button to choose which DJ to listen to. All of a sudden, everything will start to make sense.

Well, maybe not the glow stick hula hoops.


Silent Disco
at The Green Elephant
5627 Dyer St
Dallas, TX, 75206

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