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I, Robata

New Sushi in the Heart of Clubland

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One Million Years BC: Man invents fire. Woman impressed.

More recently:
Man develops a real thing for sushi. Woman also impressed. (Ironic, considering woman made such a big deal about fire.)

Next week: Man brings it all together. Woman predicted to text all her friends.

Prepare for the dawning of Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar, opening next week in the Loop.

When you walk in you’ll notice... well, a lot: graffiti murals, a chain-link sculpture twisting over the dining room, a concrete brute of a sushi bar, all set to the steady beat of alternative rock. Just stay focused on the granite fire pit—the robata in Japanese—the best seat in the house.

Here, you’ll watch the grillmaster cook your skewers of chicken wings, glazed shrimp and prosciutto-wrapped scallops—though because the co-owner was the chef at Sushi Wabi, you’ll soon find yourself amidst crab-cake-stuffed maki. Go with it.

Because Union is right in the heart of clubland, make this your first stop before your usual dance floor pyrotechnics—nothing gets you moving like Lamb Ramen and sake so top-shelf that the bartender needs a rolling ladder to reach it. Though you could just as easily hang out in the cushy little lounge upstairs, knocking back Japanese whiskey and meeting new friends.

Maybe someone else can light your fire.

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