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Like Surfing Without All the Work

UD - Stand-Up Paddleboarding As you read this, you’re in the middle of an amazing 89-degree Tuesday.

So you’re probably ready to drop what you’re doing—especially if what you’re doing involves spreadsheets—and get to the beach. Right. Now.

And if you happen to break in a new sport of extreme leisure involving a surfboard and a paddle once you get there, so be it.

Introducing Stand-Up Paddleboarding, sort of like surfing without all the towering waves and near-impossible balancing, available now in Marina del Rey.

Think of this as the happy medium between intense surfing and... lazy couch-surfing. To get started, you’ll sign up for a 90-minute lesson and get yourself to the marina. In no time you’ll be out on the water, standing upright on a board, leisurely navigating past boats and sand by rowing with a long paddle.

The sun will be on your back, your feet will be shoulder-width apart—and you’ll be alternating your paddle strokes like a pro rower to stay on course.

Oh, and whether you’re on your own or with a few friends, instructors are always nearby to make sure you don’t inadvertently paddle out to sea.

There are better ways to get to Catalina.


Stand-Up Paddleboarding
via Action Watersports

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