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A Magazine You Can Hang on Your Wall

UD - Papirmasse We’ve got an urgent announcement.

Okay, it’s not that urgent. It all depends on how you feel about French Canadians...

It concerns something called Papirmasse, a magazine/print collective/gallery bringing you a new art print every month, available now.

Now, the first thing we should say: this site is a little bit twee. Okay, it’s a lot twee (it is, after all, the work of the Quebecois).

Here’s the short version: it’s a magazine you can hang on your wall. So every month, alongside your regularly scheduled issue of Submarine Aficionado (the subscription was a gift), you’ll get an art print on high-stock paper, lovingly tucked into a cardboard-backed envelope. It could be anything from a collage portrait of Yoko Ono’s floating head to a dancing man made out of clouds. (At least we think that’s what that is.)

Each piece comes with a few, shall we say, literary selections printed on the flip side—like a recent poem about Facebook defriending or a story about socks by someone named Johnny Forever.

If that is his real name.

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