Hiring Lady Polo Players for Your Next Party

UD - Polo Girls Society Polo.

The sport of kings. And on occasion, the sport of beautiful women.

And on even rarer occasion, the sport that’s played right on your front lawn...

Introducing the Polo Girls Society, an enterprising group of young female equestrians devoted to playing polo at your next party, booking events now.

Yes, this is just what it sounds like: a team of beautiful young women who want to play polo at your place. Their ranks include at least one Argentine, so you know they’re not amateurs.

So say you’re planning your annual Kentucky Derby watch party/garden soiree, and want a little bonus equine entertainment. You’ll give these people a call, and a dozen lissome girls will show up with horses, mallets, helmets and, of course, the recipes for a few polo-related drinks, which they’ll happily prepare and serve. (Go for the Polo Stirrup Cup, made with scotch, cherry brandy and a few other ingredients known only to the team. We’ll assume it’s not Gatorade.)

When they’re not locked in mallet-related combat, the girls will mingle through the crowd with thoroughbreds in tow, showing your more adventurous guests how to mount up and take a few shots. And if you want to taste the thrill of the swung mallet yourself, they can set up a game of horseless polo anywhere from a nightclub to your office.

Winner gets a raise.

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