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Like a Capri Sun, but for Wine

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
UD - The Climber Pouch The juice box needs no introduction.

You’ve been there, done that.

But replace the juice with wine, exchange the box for a silver bag, octuple the size... and now we have something to talk about.

Introducing The Climber Pouch from the Clif Family Winery, the lightweight equivalent of two bottles of wine poured into the latest in transportable, shatterproof wine carriers, available starting today.

Imagine a giant Capri Sun pouch with built-in handles and a spout, and you’ve got the Climber Pouch. The main difference (beyond the contents) is that the Climber is triple-layered, making it puncture-proof (good for picnics, bad for straws).

All of this means that the days of MacGyver-ing a vessel to smuggle your cabernet into places where glass is frowned upon—camping grounds, the beach, the pool, the park, the top of Half Dome—are over.

If you’re concerned that the wine quality might be limited, you’ll like that the wine-making team has roots in Quintessa and Goldeneye. (And that the whole thing’s from the Clif family of Clif Bar fame.) To start, they’ve focused on a cabernet sauvignon and an unoaked chardonnay—which chills in less than 15 minutes (perhaps faster in a mountain stream).

The pouch is also resealable, and the wine stays fresh for up to a month after opening.

We would have settled for a weekend.

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