The Price Is Right

Monetizing Your Next Date

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
UD - WhatsYourPrice Naturally, your charm has netted you some tangible benefits.

The sweet nothings. A brief gig as VP of an advertising firm. A 40-foot hovercraft-yacht, christened Triumph. In fact, just about the only thing you haven’t gotten is cold, hard cash.


Introducing WhatsYourPrice, a website that lets you capitalize on your most valuable and dependable resource—your rakish charisma—now online.

Imagine a cross between a dating site and an auction floor. Now throw in 8,000 traders (people seeking cash for dates) and 4,000 individuals who aren’t ashamed to throw down a few bills as a sign of their interest. And, because you’re on a roll, why not headquarter the whole thing out of Vegas—just to keep it respectable.

Purely in the interest of profit, of course, you’ll create a profile and wait for an interested party to take a liking to you. (There’s also a “discreet affairs” option. We have no idea what that could possibly entail.) Then you’ll negotiate your way to a suitable price, and finally make the date. For etiquette, they recommend the generous party give you half at the start of the date and half at the end.

So things don’t get awkward.

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