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You’re Two Clicks Away from a Pickup Game

UD - Pickup Sports In the world of pickup sports, you’re kind of a big deal.

Your hustle: legendary. Your touch tackling: delicate yet firm. Your knack for hitting clutch three-pointers: let’s just say Kemba Walker considers you an influence.

But it’s time to go bigger. Time to go pro.

Or, failing that, at least find a new pickup game...

Introducing Pickup Sports, a new site directing you to the nearest game of pickup football, basketball or anything else you feel the urge to play, now online.

It’s kind of like Craigslist for sports. Picture a continuously updated map of all the pickup games in your area, from hockey to ultimate frisbee. Then picture a game popping up a few blocks from your place. Then start stretching.

So the next time you’re heading to, say, the Bay Area on business, you can scour the site (or the mobile app) for an appropriate game of hoops. Click on a game, and a description will pop up, telling you where, when and whether there are any tech CEOs already signed up.

And since you’ll want to see if any of your opponents played college ball for Duke in the ’90s, you’ll get a link to everyone’s Facebook page as soon as you click on the game.

We hear Zuckerberg has a mean hook shot.

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