Lifeguard Loot

Pamela Anderson's Estate Sale

After a long, hard week, sometimes you have things you need to get off your chest.

Which explains why, in this beachside city like no other in the world, you might be boarding a bus this weekend to rifle through the personal belongings of Baywatch's most famously buoyant alum—welcome to Pamela Anderson's Estate Sale. (Yes, really.)

Since the actress-activist-lifeguarding legend isn't making the address public (wonder why), you'll have to board a shuttle from a Malibu market...or a high-school parking lot. Once it has deposited you on the property, you're free to peruse 5,000 square feet of poolside furniture, bicycles, tools, French country furniture, chandeliers and even an electric car—all with a history that will enliven your own enclave with a regal nod to eras past. (Like the '90s.)

You'll also find a new Jacuzzi (which might be tricky getting back on the shuttle) and a lot of Miss Anderson's designer shoes and clothes that'll make great gifts for your lady...well, maybe.

No word on any red swimsuits.


Pamela Anderson's Estate Sale

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