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It’s not something you can talk about.

But you’ve got to get off the grid. Now.

You’re thinking: desert compound. Totally private. And if it happens to look ready for an architecture-magazine photo shoot, well, nobody said you can’t go on the run in style.

Welcome to Hotel Lautner, a newly restored hideaway where you can go under deep cover among concrete, cacti and outdoor showers, now available for weekend stays in Desert Hot Springs.

Picture it: you’re on the 10, the city’s behind you, and the wind’s in your hair. Before long you’ll see a sun-baked palm tree lazing over a mysterious concrete wall. Behind that wall is your hideaway—four residential units, which you can rent individually or all together, built in 1947 based on designs by famed SoCal architect John Lautner.

Each unit’s a little different, but there are a few things you can expect in each: namely, designer coffee, minimalist furniture, a private terrace and a wet bar in the kitchen. Basically, it’s like you’ll be living in a photo spread for Dwell.

And at sundown, after you’ve made the necessary calls and confirmed that the FBI/your ex/Best Buy’s Geek Squad isn’t after you, you’ll retire to the communal outdoor lounge for drinks and dinner, before getting more comfortable over by the pool and outdoor shower.

Piece of advice: bring extra loofahs.


Hotel Lautner
67710 San Antonio St
Desert Hot Springs, CA, 92240


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