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Branching Out

Cold Beers and River Views in the Loop

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Wheat. Soybeans. Grain. Pork.

You have a rock-solid grasp of options during the day.

Whiskey. Guinness-infused cheddar burgers. Buffalo duck wings. Stunning river views. Pork.

It’s after the closing bell when your options for these valuable commodities can get a little murky.

So here to make a big play for your attention: South Branch, an expansive, waterside bastion of after-work bourbon, burgers and dealmaking directly across from the Merc on the river.

The guys behind this space have a pretty good track record for anticipating your current happy hour desires—their portfolio includes places like Boundary and Sweetwater. Now their gut’s telling them you’re just itching for a place where you can sit under denuded white birch trees and sip Belgian ales. Not to mention a place where you can sequester clients in an opulent glass wine cellar, where they can focus exclusively on prime rib and your smooth talk.

Mostly, however, you’ll take up at the South Bar’s long mahogany table, shaded under a chandelier made of tree branches, with your colleagues to watch Bulls games. And all of this is just a prelude to your spring, when a massive riverside patio opens, complete with a standalone pavilion housing yet another bar.

In case you need to make a quick buy order.

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