Gladiator Rock’n Run


Rope Climbs, Mud Hills and Beer

UD - Gladiator Rock'n Run By Friday, your tie always feels a little tighter.

Your meetings feel a little longer. Your office feels a little... office-ier.

You need to break free. Get primal. Bring in the wrecking balls.

And an American Gladiator.

Introducing the Gladiator Rock’n Run, a 5K obstacle course with a finish line involving live music and beer—all brought to you by a man once known in all seriousness as “Nitro”—now accepting registrations for the May 7 challenge.

If long ago you turned on your TV, saw somebody climbing ropes, sparring with an oversized Q-tip and dodging 95 mph tennis balls, and thought, “Hey, this looks like fun”—this is the 5K for you.

Fair warning: there’s running. About three miles’ worth. But along the way there’s also about 15 obstacles that’ll look familiar if the name Mike Adamle means anything to you—everything from rope climbs to hills of mud to swinging wrecking balls you have to dodge. (No word on a cameo from Elektra.)

And at the end, there’ll be live music and cold beer. (First round’s on the house.)

Red, white and blue spandex: totally optional.


Gladiator Rock’n Run
8800 Irvine Center Dr
Irvine, CA, 92618

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