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UD - GrubWithUs When it comes to dinner parties, you’re something of a legend.

Your manners: impeccable. Your repartee: moving. Your way with a fork: balletic.

So, naturally, it’s about time you shared these gifts with absolute strangers... in public...

Welcome to GrubWithUs, a new site devoted to setting up dinner parties for strangers at some of the city’s best restaurants, online now.

Think of this as LinkedIn for dinner parties—as curated by the guys behind Beard Papa’s. You’ll log on, create a profile (name, occupation, photo) and peruse the listings of upcoming dinners. Your options will include a solid team of restaurants—everything from hot spots like Cumin in Wicker Park to standards like Sapori Trattoria or off-the-beaten-path joints like Machu Picchu. 

Once you’ve RSVPed—to add to the intrigue, there are no plus-ones—you’ll pay for your meal up front, so things don’t get awkward when you graciously offer to pick up the check. In the meantime, you can check out the profiles of who’s coming to the dinner, or just save the surprise for when you arrive. We have it on good authority that past attendees have included physics professors, flight attendants and not one but two Jeopardy champions.

No, not Watson.

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