Cinema Paradiso

A Highly Subjective Study of New Movie Theaters

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Sometimes the stars align. Like when two independent movie theaters debut in the same city. On the same weekend. Thus, we were compelled to investigate Miami Beach Cinematheque (moving into its new digs at Miami Beach City Hall) and O Cinema in Wynwood. By no means should you consider this a competition. Though someone will walk away with a gold statuette.

Sizing Each Other Up
MB Cinematheque: 2,800 square feet.
O Cinema: 5,000 square feet.
Edge: O Cinema. But Cinematheque’s 15-by-20-foot HD screen is still big enough for getting your Sundance on.

Take a Seat
MB Cinematheque: 75 plush, stadium-style seats.
O Cinema: 50 stadium-style chairs.
Edge: Cinematheque. Plush trumps non-plush every time.

Opening Weekend
MB Cinematheque: A live screening of the Oscars. With Coppola wines.
O Cinema: Mississippi Damned, a gritty story of one family’s struggles against poverty and addiction.
Edge: Cinematheque. Indie doesn’t have to mean downer.

The Concession Stand
MB Cinematheque: Nespresso coffee, gourmet sandwiches, white-chocolate-covered popcorn.
O Cinema: Popcorn, bottled beer, Chilean merlot.
Edge: O Cinema. If you’re going to watch one family’s struggles against poverty and addiction, beer helps.

The Scene
MB Cinematheque: Film buffs, socialites, Scandinavian tourists.
O Cinema: Artists, DJs, gallerinas, indie types.
Edge: Push. Pick your poison.

Upcoming Shows
MB Cinematheque: The Charlie Chaplin classic Modern Times.
O Cinema: The critically acclaimed Four Lions, a dark comedy about British suicide bombers.
Edge: Cinematheque. When you have the chance, always go Chaplin.

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