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Booking a Last-Minute Hotel Room

UD - Hotel Tonight It happens.

A late night at the office. A midnight game of high-stakes bocce with the interns. A quickly emptying bottle of champagne...

Long story short: suddenly, home feels a long way away. And yet you need to sleep somewhere...

Which brings us to Hotel Tonight, an iPhone app for booking last-minute hotel rooms, available now.

Essentially, this is like having a guy who knows a guy who is keeping a standing hotel room reservation for you at all times.

So when you find yourself in bocce-related distress—or you just have a powerful craving for room service—this is what you’ll use. Fire up the app, and you’ll pick whichever of the listed hotels is closest. (It helps if you’re in one of their six current cities.)

The available rooms go up around noon, but as long as you book by 2am, you’ll be okay. Sadly, not all the world shares your exacting standards of excellence, so you may encounter the occasional half-star establishment, but those should be easy to avoid.

As for the bill, just take it out of your bocce winnings.

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