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Flavor Tripping in a Fulton Market Basement

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Valentine’s Day was going to be stress-free, but something strange happened last night. You discovered you’re a sucker for a good pair of shoulder horns.

Now you’re in dire need of a place that’s sophisticated, romantic... and isn’t afraid to get a little weird.

Introducing Ing, a new flavor laboratory/playground from Homaro Cantu, the culinary mad scientist behind moto next door, now accepting limited reservations.

Starting in a few weeks, you’ll be able to pay by the hour. Just sit back, and the chef will bring all the nano-batch beers—try the Precinct, a porter the flavor of coffee and donuts—and pork-belly baozi buns you need.

But for now, you’re ordering à la carte—start by unwrapping that origami cube, which happens to be your menu. Soon you’ll be feasting on liquid nitrogen cucumbers, wagyu cooked at your table on a 500-degree stone (then squirted with whiskey for good measure) and something that looks like a waffle, but is really a frozen coconut sorbet with maple-flavored beer. (Which you suspected all along.)

At that point, you’ll have no choice but to book a private Flavor Tripping Party. You’ll be escorted to a table next to the kitchen downstairs and handed a miracle fruit—aka the Miracle Berry—a rare plant that alters your flavor receptors. Lemons will taste like candy. Sour cream will taste like cheesecake. Nachos suddenly taste like dessert.

Or at least, more so.

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