Pulling a Fast One

Your Speeding Ticket

On the rare opportunity that LA traffic actually breaks open, you deserve the opportunity to floor it.

Unfortunately, the fuzz generally frown upon speeding—and they're not afraid to tell you. Take matters into your own hands and sniff out speed traps before it's too late with the mobile-networking technology behind Trapster.

Think of Trapster like counting cards in blackjack—it's not illegal, but the powers-that-be certainly don't like it. Sign up for a free account on the website and you can quickly program your phone, PDA or other mobile device to provide an audio alert anytime you approach a red-light camera, live police trap, speed-capturing camera or favorite cop hideout (like donut shops)...all submitted by a roving band of irreverent devil-may-care motorists.

If you want to do some reporting of your own (you're all for paying it forward), just call the toll-free number to tell Trapster about the lurking black-and-white you just busted behind the billboard on the 10.

And then, until the next alert, it's just you and the open road—and everyone else.

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