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A Beachy Getaway in the Keys

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You’ve handed out some bold Valentine’s Day gifts in years past.

Kayaks. Keys to Japanese sports cars. Brian McKnight boxed sets.

But this year, you’re thinking less of a thing, and more of an experience. Like a trip to the Keys, and a few days of R&R in a hammock.

Fortunately, we specialize in hammock-laden locales...

Presenting The Moorings Village, a rustic Caribbean-like paradise full of scuffed rowboats and four-poster Balinese beds, now reserving cottages in Islamorada.

This place feels like your own shipwrecked hideaway, albeit one with the occasional French fashion shoot taking place (and yes, they’ll need you on set).

Your first step will be getting in a car and making the two-hour drive to the Keys, where you and your bunkmate will settle into one of 18 cottages strewn about this former coconut plantation on the ocean. There’s over 1,100 feet of private beach to explore here, plus a couple of restaurants serving lamb ravioli and seared foie gras (go ahead, eat it on the wraparound veranda).

And if you really want to take the romance up a notch, reserve the newly refurbished honeymoon cabin, decked with a massive egg-shaped tub big enough for two.

You never bathe alone in the Keys.


The Moorings Village
123 Beach Rd
Islamorada, FL, 33036


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