Have You Never Been Mallow

Boozy S’mores Are Here

UD - Beer & Pretzel Marshmallows After this week, you’ve probably given a lot of thought to your winter emergency kit.

But let’s start thinking about the important stuff: marshmallows, without which your ration of hot cocoa could be rendered virtually undrinkable.

Introducing Beer & Pretzel Marshmallows, an amalgam of beer, chocolate and pretzels conveyed to your mouth via the medium of the marshmallow, available now and henceforth part of any sensible cold-weather survival plan.

At its core, each of these fluffy things is whipped with a generous jigger of Rogue Chocolate Stout. Then, to gild the lily, it’s dunked in creamy chocolate. Then, to gild the gilded lily, each marshmallow’s sprinkled with a certain handcrafted beer-pretzel brittle that you may remember from boozy-candy benders past. In other words, you could pop one in your mouth and call it a day.

But imagine the possibilities on a cold February night. Add a pair of graham crackers and a roaring fire, and these beer-laden marshmallows may just alter the entire s’mores paradigm forever. Or if you just need the comfort of hot chocolate (with a secret little shot of something), plop a few of these into your mug.

You know how to make Swiss Miss happy.


Beer & Pretzel Marshmallows
from Truffle Truffle

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